Top 10 Green Presents – Gift Ideas For 2010

With the emergence of the green trend of the last few years. The marketplace has been swarmed with tools, items, toys & gadgets that promote cleanliness and being kind to the environment at the same time. Not only are these amazing inventions, and practical for many occasions, they are in fact very popular and make great birthday presents to your family or loved ones.

Here are the current top 5 Green Gift Ideas for 2010:-

1) Solar powered torches – These gadgets get their power from the sun in the day time and shine brightly at night, without using torch batteries, gas, fire etc. They give out a great ambiance light spread and make night BBQ pool parties great fun.

2) Pinzon Bamboo towels – Yes! They are newly designed towel that go to no waste. They look and feel like real cotton towels, are heavier and soak up more water when as they dry.

3) Wireless eBook Reader – Forget reading those thick books that waste paper. The new e-book readers on the market are a small screen, hand held product that you can use to download your favorite magazine or novel. They are light weight, compact, and affordable. They save time, money, and will stop paper wasting.

4) Shower Catcher – This product is ingenious. You plug it beside your shower and it catches all the grey water that normally gets wasted down your drains. This water can be collected and used on your garden, outside, or as a cleaning agent with your concrete floors.

5) 2010 Living Green Calendar – An ingenious way for people to remind themselves each day to do something that will keep them environmentally conscious. If everyone did one thing a day, image how different things would be.