Microsoft confirms acquiring security software provider RiskIQ

Microsoft has announced that it is acquiringRiskIQ, a cybersecurity start-up, for undisclosed terms.The deal will help Microsoft further boost its security business. The company earlier said it derived more than $10 billion in security revenue in the past 12 months.

RiskIQ’s Illuminate software aggregates threats across a given organization’s information technology footprint so that security professionals can address the most critical ones. The system works across Microsoft’s Azure cloud and other clouds as well.

“The vision and mission of RiskIQ is to provide unmatched internet visibility and insights to better protect and inform our customers and partners’ security programs. We’re thrilled to add RiskIQ’s Attack Surface and Threat Intelligence solutions to the Microsoft Security portfolio, extending and accelerating our impact,” said RiskIQ Cofounder and CEO Elias Manousos.

RiskIQ offers organizations global threat intelligence collected through the internet. The company also provides context into the source of an attack, indicators, and other sources to detect and neutralize attacks quickly.RiskIQ, founded in 2009, has raised a total of $83 million over four rounds of funding.

The RiskIQ’sattack management tools allow security teams to assemble and identify connections between the digital attack surface and attacker infrastructure and activities to provide better protection and faster response. Microsoft has been a leader in delivering end-to-end robust security solutions. With the acquisition of RiskIQ, it aims to continue its mission of helping customers against increasing cyber threats.