Microsoft confirms acquiring security software provider RiskIQ

Microsoft has announced that it is acquiringRiskIQ, a cybersecurity start-up, for undisclosed terms.The deal will help Microsoft further boost its security business. The company earlier said it derived more than $10 billion in security revenue in the past 12 months.

RiskIQ’s Illuminate software aggregates threats across a given organization’s information technology footprint so that security professionals can address the most critical ones. The system works across Microsoft’s Azure cloud and other clouds as well.

“The vision and mission of RiskIQ is to provide unmatched internet visibility and insights to better protect and inform our customers and partners’ security programs. We’re thrilled to add RiskIQ’s Attack Surface and Threat Intelligence solutions to the Microsoft Security portfolio, extending and accelerating our impact,” said RiskIQ Cofounder and CEO Elias Manousos.

RiskIQ offers organizations global threat intelligence collected through the internet. The company also provides context into the source of an attack, indicators, and other sources to detect and neutralize attacks quickly.RiskIQ, founded in 2009, has raised a total of $83 million over four rounds of funding.

The RiskIQ’sattack management tools allow security teams to assemble and identify connections between the digital attack surface and attacker infrastructure and activities to provide better protection and faster response. Microsoft has been a leader in delivering end-to-end robust security solutions. With the acquisition of RiskIQ, it aims to continue its mission of helping customers against increasing cyber threats.

Enhance Your Company’s Image with Customised Gifts

Gifts impact your organization’s image more than you might like to admit. Therefore, it is critical that you choose gifts with care and careful thought. Whatever be your choice, you should ensure that there are no contradictions in the nature of the gift, and the industry vertical you operate in. If you are in the jewellery business, gifting USB fans or teddy bears when you are launching a new line,or at a corporate convention would be counterproductive.

Customize Your Gifts to Boost Recall

One of the best ways to boost the recall value of your brand and your company logo when you gift different kinds of customised notebooks in Singapore to your clients, colleagues, and business associates. You will be amazed for choice your Simplicity Gifts. The cover could be anything from moleskin to art paper and matte plastic. Depending on your budget and the occasion, you could also opt for cardboard covers. If you are giving them as door gifts at a seminar or workshop to participants, obviously they need to be functional for people to make notes or jot down details.

Customised Notebooks from Singapore Make Excellent Festive Season Gifts

The festive season is that time of the year when more or less everybody sends gifts to loved ones as well as those with whom they are associated professionally. Your company too can send customised note books in Singapore as festive gifts. Choose the color which you think would be more appropriate, and use high quality premium 100 gsm Japanese imported paper for the 80 inner pages. When embossed with the company name and logo on the PU leather cover, it speaks of class, and makes the recipient feel valued. This guarantees recall value.

Every Corporate Gift Need Not Be Expensive

There are many affordable gifts which can be customised. Simplicity Gifts bring you cheap customised gifts from Singapore. These range from foldable fans to drawstring bags, towels, magnets, lanyards, USB flash drives,and earphones which can be embossed with the corporate logo. There is also the PU leather tissue bag filled with 100 tissues which has the convenience of portability. The pandemic has taught everyone the importance of keeping tissues within easy reach.

Advantage of universality and utility: Apart from being easy on the pocket, such gifts have the advantage of utility. These cheap customised gifts in Singapore can be given to people of any age, gender, and educational qualification.

Why will Sales of Air Quality Monitoring Systems Boom in China in Coming Years?

Among the leading causes of death and disability across the globe is also air pollution. Due to technological advancements, which have led to the development of machines which burn fossil fuels for generating energy for different purposes, the quality of air has been declining swiftly. As per the 2016 Global Burden of Disease report, about 6.1 million deaths occur due to air pollution globally, and the low and middle-income countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, account for 90% of this burden. This is due to the large population base of countries in the region .

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In order to cope with this serious issue effectively, it is necessary that the air quality is monitored regularly. A major purpose of air quality monitoring is to determine which areas violate an ambient air quality standard. Health-based ambient air quality standards are set at pollution concentration levels that lead to harmful impacts on health of human beings, if the levels of ambient air quality standard in an area, the air pollution levels need to be mitigated . Attributed to the surging levels of air pollution in the APAC region, the demand for air quality monitoring systems is also increasing.

As per a report by P&S Intelligence, in 2017, the APAC air quality monitoring market attained a value of $936.6 million and is projected to generate a revenue of $1.7 billion by 2023, advancing at a 10.0% CAGR during the forecast period (2018–2023). Both outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring systems are available in the market. In the past, the demand for indoor air quality monitoring systems was higher; however, the requirement for outdoor air quality monitoring systems is also predicted to increase considerably in the coming years. These systems can monitor chemical, biological, and physical pollutants.

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Major end users of air quality monitoring include government agencies & academic institutes, pharmaceutical industry, commercial and residential sectors, power generation plants, and petrochemical industry. While in the past, government agencies and academic institutes have been a primary user of air quality monitoring systems, the demand for these systems is also predicted to grow considerably from the commercial and residential sectors in the years to come. This can be attributed to the rising prevalence of respiratory diseases and lung cancer, which is compelling people to keep the air quality of their surroundings in check. Within the region, Japan has been creating the largest demand for these systems due to the development of advanced technologies.

How to Effectively Present All of Your IT Skills

Effectively present all of your IT skills with the IT Technical Skills Summary – an exceptionally powerful document that should form part of every resume submitted.

The IT Technical Skills Summary ensures that every IT skill you have acquired – computer software, computer hardware, applications software, and so on, will be indexed in resume databases or viewed by hiring managers or recruiters. It will prove to be a valuable tool in helping you to get the job interview that will lead to the right job.

The layout uses 4-columns to allow you to effectively present a complete, quantified, qualified, very easy to read, summary of the IT technical skills and experience that you have acquired over the course of your career.

The 4-column layout enables an employer to quickly scan, in a matter of seconds, the complete document to see if you have the technical skills and experience that they need.

Resume databases are used by most recruiters, headhunters and employers. Every word – every skill – that is included in a resume is indexed when your resume is added to the database. If the skill or experience is not inlcuded in your resume because you have edited your resume down to one or two pages then vital skills that may get you interviewed are missing.

The IT Technical Skills Summary ensures that your resume is database ready and that each and every skill that you have worked so hard to acquire will be indexed when your resume is entered or scanned into a resume database.

When is searched is done for a required skill, or set of skills, your name will be part of the top search listings – if your skills match the skill-set needed.

Your acquired skills are what make you unique and of potential value to an employer. Differentiate yourself. What is considered an acquired skill? Just reading a book about something does not count as an acquired skill.

Generally, to be considered “acquired” the skill has been used in a work environment, in unpaid work done for a volunteer organization or learned through formal instruction in a school, college, university or on-the-job training. Of course, there are always exceptions and the skill could have been acquired through self-study and work.

People are constantly bombarded with the idea that a resume should only be one or two pages long. Nonsense. The number of pages required will depend on how long you have been working and how many skills you have acquired. The greater the number of years worked and the greater the number of skills acquired, the more pages required.

It cannot be too long if the IT Technical Skills Summary includes the skills that you have acquired over the course of your career.

You need to present your skills so that employers and recruiters know that you have them. You have worked hard and made a large investment of time and money to acquire your skills.

So get out your pen and begin to write down every skill that you have acquired and prepare your own IT Technical Skills Summary.

Richard E Ward is a Sounding Board, Communications Consultant,Guide who uses his eclectic experience in life, business, government and holistic healing to help his clients. He has more than 40 years experience as a personal coach, guide, sounding board, author, political organizer, communications consultant, business owner, headhunter and shamanic practitioner.